Links and Credits

Tarot card images used with kind permission from the restorers and creators – thank you for your support and all your hard work.
‘The Alchemical Tarot’ Robert Place
‘Tarot De Marseille: Jean Dodal 1701’ Jean Claude Flornoy and Roxy Flornoy - where details of Enrique Ennriquez and the ‘Language of Birds’ can also be found.
Enrique Enriquez’ documentary film ‘Tarology’ is highly recommended. Thank you Enrique.


Books of practical use

The Ultimate Guide To The Rider Waite Tarot - Fieberg & Burger 2013
The Tarot & The Magus - Hughes Barlow 2004
Tarot for Life - Prospero 2004
The Tarot - Nancy Shavick 1988



Questions answered. You really made me think about how I can change my situation for the better. Gentle and kind, thoughtful but also challenging. I have work to do! Thank you for making things clearer and easier. SG.

Thank you for being there for myself and others. This was really useful. Truly great talent. Can only recommend. Sally.

You have given me plenty to think about. Interesting delivery and unusual style. Your contribution has been helpful at this time. Richard.

No prompting. Clear descriptions of my past and present situations. Amazing. Will be in touch again. Benny.


Further reading –

For an informative press article on modern Tarot please read – The Magic of Tarot - Sarah Hughes – The Observer 19.08.18.


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